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Addressing Workplace Theft

Addressing Workplace Theft: Understanding the Consequences and Employer Response Stealing in the Workplace: Legal and Professional Consequences Stealing in the workplace is a serious offence with far-reaching consequences, both legally and professionally. It’s crucial for both employees and employers to understand the implications of such actions. Here’s a concise breakdown of what happens when an […]

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MIA vs. AWOL: Understanding Absenteeism in the Workplace MIA vs. AWOL: Understanding Absenteeism in the Workplace When it comes to managing attendance in the workplace, the terms “MIA” (Missing In Action) and “AWOL” (Absent Without Leave) often come up. Although both describe types of absenteeism, they carry different connotations and implications within a professional setting.

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Sick Notes: Traditional vs. Alternative

Navigating Employee Health: Traditional vs. Alternative Sick Notes 1. Doctor’s Note: The Standard Medical Documentation A doctor’s note is provided by a licensed medical doctor or other healthcare professionals. This document is widely accepted across various sectors including businesses, schools, and other institutions. It serves as a valid proof of illness or a medical condition

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