Totalcare People offers the following payroll and tax related services

  1. Processing of payroll

-Company structure setup on system

-Loading of employee information

-Periodical capturing of hours/salaries

-Calculation of payroll adjustments, e.g. overtime, leave pay, bonuses

-Provision of relevant reconciliation reports

  1. Certificate of Service:Provision of template and completion of employee information
  2. Payments to employees – We offer the following two options:

-Electronic payments by Total Outsourcing

-Provision of electronic payment file to responsible employer

  1. Bi-annual EMP501 submissions

-Creating IRP5/IT3 file from payroll system

-Submission of files on Easyfile

-Official declaration of IRP5/IT3 figures to SARS

-Creating IRP5/IT3 document and providing it to the client

  1. Leave administration

-Comprehensive capturing of individual leave transactions

-Record keeping of leave balances

  1. Payslips provision

-PDF payslips are emailed, with supplementing payroll reports, to a responsible individual as assigned by the employer/client;

  1. Security sealed payslips are courier overnight to the physical address as specified by the client
  2. UIF

-Registration of the company (if not yet registered)

-Creating and submitting of UIF documentation to the Department of Labour, e.g. UI19, UI2.7

-Submitting of UIF declarations before the 7th of each month

-Liaising with the Department of Labour on any UIF related queries

  1. Workman’s Compensation

-Registration of company (if not yet registered)

-Submitting return of earnings on an annual basis

-Submitting all OID reports to Workman’s Compensation

-Liaising with Workman’s Compensation on any related queries

-Requesting letter of good standing from Workman’s Compensation

  1. Payments to SARS

-Includes periodical SDL, PAYE and UIF payments

-Creating EMP201 reconciliation reports on a monthly basis

  1. Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

-Registration of company (if not yet registered)

-Performing relevant PAYE calculations and reconciliations

-Submission and payment of PAYE to SARS

  1. Payments to relevant bargaining councils

-Calculation of amounts to be transferred

-Payment of amounts

-Liaising with bargaining councils regarding relevant queries

  1. Garnishee Orders

-Implement as per official court requirements

-Payment of correct amounts to external party

  1. General Assistance: Our expert payroll administrators will provide payroll and tax related assistance and advice as

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